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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
12mean arterial blood pressureMWF/Hsdmale110mmHgcontrol condition109791control condition
12heart weight to body weight ratioMWF/Hsdmale3.4g/kgcontrol condition109759control condition
12plasma total cholesterol levelMWF/Hsdmale132mg/dlcontrol condition109809control condition
12urine total protein excretion rateMWF/Hsdmale201.3mg/dcontrol condition109797control condition
12creatinine clearanceMWF/Hsdmale0ml/mincontrol condition109803control condition
10body weightMWF/Hsdmale276gcontrol condition107357control condition
12body weightMWF/Hsdmale375gcontrol condition109756control condition
12timed urine volumeMWF/Hsdmale15.7ml/dcontrol condition109794control condition
12plasma asymmetric dimethylarginine levelMWF/Hsdmale0.43umol/lcontrol condition109818control condition
12plasma arginine levelMWF/Hsdmale161umol/lcontrol condition109812control condition
12plasma arginine level to asymmetric dimethylarginine level ratioMWF/Hsdmale375umol/lcontrol condition109815control condition
12calculated plasma triglyceride levelMWF/Hsdmale273.7mg/dlcontrol condition109806control condition