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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
6plasma albumin levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.39g/lfasting (for 16 hours)80676fasting (for 16 hours)
2plasma campesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified4.4mg/dlnaive control condition70517naive control condition
2plasma sitosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified8.65mg/dlnaive control condition70534naive control condition
5plasma triglyceride levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale1.2769mmol/lfasting (for 17 hours)108090fasting (for 17 hours)
6plasma triglyceride levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.4068mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)80680fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood hemoglobin levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale16.3g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80663fasting (for 16 hours)
6lung wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.939gspecific pathogen-free condition73237specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.177%specific pathogen-free condition73246specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular volumeWKY/NCrlCrljmale54flfasting (for 16 hours)80665fasting (for 16 hours)
6body temperatureWKY/NCrlCrljmale37.9degrees Cspecific pathogen-free condition75257specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weight as percentage of body weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.644%specific pathogen-free condition73242specific pathogen-free condition
6hematocritWKY/NCrlCrljmale48.3%fasting (for 16 hours)80664fasting (for 16 hours)
5blood glucose levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale106.8mg/dlfasting (for 17 hours)108089fasting (for 17 hours)
6brain weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.812%specific pathogen-free condition73234specific pathogen-free condition
6liver weight as percentage of body weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale2.579%specific pathogen-free condition73240specific pathogen-free condition
6systolic blood pressureWKY/NCrlCrljmale128mmHgspecific pathogen-free condition75255specific pathogen-free condition
6lung weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.389%specific pathogen-free condition73238specific pathogen-free condition
6liver wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale6.226gspecific pathogen-free condition73239specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma creatinine levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.24mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80683fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total cholesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale97mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80679fasting (for 16 hours)
2plasma total cholesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified63.4mg/dlnaive control condition70160naive control condition
6both adrenal glands wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale46.1mgspecific pathogen-free condition73243specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma glucose levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale130mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80678fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart rateWKY/NCrlCrljmale388beats/minspecific pathogen-free condition75256specific pathogen-free condition
6brain wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale1.961gspecific pathogen-free condition73233specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationWKY/NCrlCrljmale33.8g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80667fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.956gspecific pathogen-free condition73235specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale1.555gspecific pathogen-free condition73241specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale18.2pgfasting (for 16 hours)80666fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale2.447gspecific pathogen-free condition73247specific pathogen-free condition
6both testes wet weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale1.014%specific pathogen-free condition73248specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen wet weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.427gspecific pathogen-free condition73245specific pathogen-free condition
6both adrenal glands weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale19.1mg/100gspecific pathogen-free condition73244specific pathogen-free condition
5plasma insulin levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale62.4mU/lfasting (for 17 hours)108088fasting (for 17 hours)
6body weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale253.5gspecific pathogen-free condition71001specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightWKY/NCrlCrljmale120.5gspecific pathogen-free condition71000specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma urea nitrogen levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale5.2836mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)80682fasting (for 16 hours)
103thymus weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified2.5mg/gnaive control condition69133naive control condition
N/Athymus weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified2.5mg/gnaive control condition69045naive control condition
2liver cholesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified2.1mg/gnaive control condition70165naive control condition
6plasma total protein levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale62mg/mlfasting (for 16 hours)80675fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood basophil count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)80689fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma phosphate levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale7.2mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80684fasting (for 16 hours)
6activated partial thromboplastin timeWKY/NCrlCrljmale14.5sfasting (for 16 hours)80671fasting (for 16 hours)
6prothrombin timeWKY/NCrlCrljmale15.2sfasting (for 16 hours)80670fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood eosinophil count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)80690fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale78%fasting (for 16 hours)80693fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood monocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)80694fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma calcium levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale9.5mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80685fasting (for 16 hours)
2plasma phytosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified13.1mg/dlnaive control condition70547naive control condition
2brain cholesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified12.15mg/gnaive control condition70526naive control condition
2brain phytosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.05mg/gnaive control condition70556naive control condition
2brain campesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.02mg/gnaive control condition70530naive control condition
2brain sitosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.03mg/gnaive control condition70543naive control condition
2liver sitosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.14mg/gnaive control condition70539naive control condition
2liver campesterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.09mg/gnaive control condition70522naive control condition
2liver phytosterol levelWKY/NCrlCrljnot specified0.24mg/gnaive control condition70552naive control condition
6plasma alkaline phosphatase activity levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale393IU/lfasting (for 16 hours)80674fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine chloride levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale148mEq/L0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957220.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine potassium excretion rate to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale117uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957210.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine chloride excretion rate to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale183uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957230.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6red blood cell countWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.896x 10E6 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)80662fasting (for 16 hours)
6white blood cell countWKY/NCrlCrljmale3.4x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)80668fasting (for 16 hours)
6platelet countWKY/NCrlCrljmale807x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)80669fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma bilirubin levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.04mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)80681fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma sodium levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale146.7mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)80686fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma potassium levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale4mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)80687fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma chloride levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale105mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)80688fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma aspartate aminotransferase activity levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale76U/lfasting (for 16 hours)80672fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alanine aminotransferase activity levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale27U/lfasting (for 16 hours)80673fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine potassium levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale93.7mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957200.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium levelWKY/NCrlCrljmale100.1mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957180.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volumeWKY/NCrlCrljmale12.6ml/d0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957160.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium excretion rate to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.003388uEq/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957190.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volume to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0.0336ul/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 957170.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6blood segmented neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale21%fasting (for 16 hours)80692fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma albumin to plasma total protein ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale1.68fasting (for 16 hours)80677fasting (for 16 hours)
6non-specified leukocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)80695fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood band neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)80691fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart weight to body weight ratioWKY/NCrlCrljmale3.96g/kgspecific pathogen-free condition73236specific pathogen-free condition