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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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Study IDStudyExperiment NameExperiment NotesStrain Ont IDStrainSexAge# of AnimalsSample NotesClinical Measurement Ont IDPhenotypeFormulaClinical Measurement NotesAverage TypeValueUnitsSEMSDMethod Ont IDMethodMethod SiteMethod DurationMethod NotesPost Insult TypePost Insult Time ValuePost Insult Time UnitConditionsRecord ID
226Duong C, et al., Mamm Genome 2006; 17(12): 1147-1161heart left ventricle massRS:0000902SS.MNS-(D2Chm51-D2Rat341)/Aydmale98 days8CMO:0000530heart left ventricle weight to body weight ratio3mg/g0.20.5657MMO:0000005post excision weight measurement0controlled sodium content diet (2 %) (between 35 and 98 days)64954controlled sodium content diet (2 %) (between 35 and 98 days)