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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
20artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion area to total wall area ratioSHR/NHsdmale11.6%balloon angioplasty68102balloon angioplasty
8serum albumin levelSHR/NHsdmale4.2g/dlcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 64817controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
8serum triglyceride levelSHR/NHsdmale51mg/dlcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 12402controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
8serum total cholesterol levelSHR/NHsdmale54mg/dlcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 64811controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
6systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale193mmHgnaive control condition11597naive control condition
6systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale182mmHgnaive control condition11593naive control condition
6systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale187mmHgnaive control condition11589naive control condition
6systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale148mmHgnaive control condition11585naive control condition
10systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale204mmHgcontrolled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 28 days)66120controlled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 28 days)
10systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale179mmHgcontrolled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 14 days)66118controlled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 14 days)
10systolic blood pressureSHR/NHsdmale154mmHgcontrolled sodium content diet66116controlled sodium content diet
6calculated kidney weightSHR/NHsdmale3.173gnaive control condition65455naive control condition
18heart wet weightSHR/NHsdmale1.559gballoon angioplasty13080balloon angioplasty
12heart wet weightSHR/NHsdmale1.08gcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 12349controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
6calculated heart weightSHR/NHsdmale1.626gnaive control condition65449naive control condition
12both kidneys wet weightSHR/NHsdmale2.13gcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 12341controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
6body weightSHR/NHsdmale392gnaive control condition65447naive control condition
6body weightSHR/NHsdmale375gnaive control condition65445naive control condition
6body weightSHR/NHsdmale285gnaive control condition65443naive control condition
6body weightSHR/NHsdmale203gnaive control condition65441naive control condition
12body weightSHR/NHsdmale292gcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 12334controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
10body weightSHR/NHsdmale255gcontrolled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 28 days)66110controlled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 28 days)
10body weightSHR/NHsdmale215gcontrolled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 14 days)66108controlled sodium content diet (4 %) (for 14 days)
10body weightSHR/NHsdmale145gcontrolled sodium content diet66106controlled sodium content diet
8blood uric acid levelSHR/NHsdmale3.6mg/dlcontrolled sodium content diet (0.3 %) 65787controlled sodium content diet (0.3 %)
15artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion area to total wall area ratioSHR/NHsdmale14.96%balloon angioplasty69335balloon angioplasty
20artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion area to total wall area ratioSHR/NHsdmale9.63%balloon angioplasty69305balloon angioplasty
15artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion areaSHR/NHsdmale0.0212mm2balloon angioplasty69336balloon angioplasty
20artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion areaSHR/NHsdmale0.0125mm2balloon angioplasty69306balloon angioplasty
20artery neointimal hyperplastic lesion areaSHR/NHsdmale0.012mm2balloon angioplasty68100balloon angioplasty
15artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.4397mm2balloon angioplasty69351balloon angioplasty
14artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.5389mm2naive control condition69337naive control condition
17artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.4479mm2naive control condition69323naive control condition
20artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.3824mm2balloon angioplasty69307balloon angioplasty
20artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.347mm2balloon angioplasty68094balloon angioplasty
18artery lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.342mm2naive control condition68088naive control condition
15artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.1009mm2balloon angioplasty69352balloon angioplasty
14artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.1364mm2naive control condition69338naive control condition
17artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.1218mm2naive control condition69324naive control condition
20artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.102mm2balloon angioplasty69308balloon angioplasty
20artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.088mm2balloon angioplasty68096balloon angioplasty
18artery tunica media areaSHR/NHsdmale0.094mm2naive control condition68090naive control condition
15artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.0407mm2balloon angioplasty69353balloon angioplasty
14artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.0496mm2naive control condition69339naive control condition
17artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.0483mm2naive control condition69325naive control condition
20artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.0438mm2balloon angioplasty69309balloon angioplasty
20artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.04mm2balloon angioplasty68098balloon angioplasty
18artery tunica media widthSHR/NHsdmale0.042mm2naive control condition68092naive control condition
15lesioned artery residual lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.4185mm2balloon angioplasty69354balloon angioplasty
20lesioned artery residual lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.3699mm2balloon angioplasty69310balloon angioplasty
20lesioned artery residual lumen areaSHR/NHsdmale0.335mm2balloon angioplasty68104balloon angioplasty