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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
208white blood cell countWKY/Nboth4.7x 1000 cells/ulnaive control condition65941naive control condition
208platelet countWKY/Nboth741x 1000 cells/ulnaive control condition65929naive control condition
208red blood cell countWKY/Nboth8.89x 10E6 cells/ulnaive control condition65935naive control condition
208blood hemoglobin levelWKY/Nboth16.1g/dlnaive control condition65917naive control condition
208mean corpuscular volumeWKY/Nboth63.3flnaive control condition65923naive control condition
N/Aboth kidneys wet weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nmale6.1g/kgcontrol condition (between 42 and 77 days)107533control condition (between 42 and 77 days)
22mean arterial blood pressureWKY/Nfemale117mmHgnaive control condition13069naive control condition
15mean arterial blood pressureWKY/Nmale110mmHgnaive control condition13061naive control condition
N/Akidney weightWKY/Nmale2.18gcontrol condition (between 42 and 77 days)107529control condition (between 42 and 77 days)
22heart left ventricle wet weightWKY/Nfemale0.592gnaive control condition13072naive control condition
15heart left ventricle wet weightWKY/Nmale0.793gnaive control condition13064naive control condition
208hematocritWKY/Nboth56.3%naive control condition65911naive control condition
220blood glucose levelWKY/Nboth221.4mg/dlglucose solution (2 g/kg) 65982glucose solution (2 g/kg)
220blood glucose levelWKY/Nboth406.8mg/dlglucose solution (2 g/kg) 65976glucose solution (2 g/kg)
220blood glucose levelWKY/Nboth138.24mg/dlglucose solution (2 g/kg) 65946glucose solution (2 g/kg)
45heart weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nboth3.96g/kgnaive control condition66000naive control condition
22heart weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nfemale2.55g/kgnaive control condition13073naive control condition
15heart weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nmale2.99g/kgnaive control condition13065naive control condition
22heart left ventricle weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nfemale1.68mg/gnaive control condition13074naive control condition
15heart left ventricle weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nmale1.99mg/gnaive control condition13066naive control condition
9systolic blood pressureWKY/Nboth109mmHgnaive control condition107636naive control condition
22systolic blood pressureWKY/Nfemale130mmHgnaive control condition13067naive control condition
15systolic blood pressureWKY/Nmale129mmHgnaive control condition13059naive control condition
220systolic blood pressureWKY/Nboth143mmHgnaive control condition11672naive control condition
210both adrenal glands wet weightWKY/Nboth45.7mgnaive control condition65988naive control condition
22diastolic blood pressureWKY/Nfemale103mmHgnaive control condition13068naive control condition
15diastolic blood pressureWKY/Nmale91mmHgnaive control condition13060naive control condition
22heart wet weightWKY/Nfemale0.899gnaive control condition13071naive control condition
15heart wet weightWKY/Nmale1.195gnaive control condition13063naive control condition
220body weightWKY/Nboth215gnaive control condition66008naive control condition
22body weightWKY/Nfemale353gnaive control condition13070naive control condition
15body weightWKY/Nmale399gnaive control condition13062naive control condition
210both adrenal glands weight to body weight ratioWKY/Nboth21.6mg/100gnaive control condition65994naive control condition
N/Abody weightWKY/Nmale309gcontrol condition (for 42 days)107525control condition (for 42 days)
N/Aurine protein excretion rateWKY/Nmale18mg/dcontrol condition107471control condition
9net potassium efflux to blood lymphocyte dry weight ratio per unit timeWKY/Nboth7.38mmol/kg/hnaive control condition107642naive control condition
N/Akidney tubule regeneration foci countWKY/Nmale0.5/sectioncontrol condition107483control condition
N/Akidney tubule regeneration foci countWKY/Nmale0.25/sectioncontrol condition107545control condition
N/Ainterstitial nephritis foci countWKY/Nmale0.9/sectioncontrol condition107487control condition
N/Ainterstitial nephritis foci countWKY/Nmale0.5/sectioncontrol condition107549control condition
N/Akidney total tubule cast countWKY/Nmale0.6/sectioncontrol condition107491control condition
N/Akidney total tubule cast countWKY/Nmale1/sectioncontrol condition107553control condition
N/Arenal fibrosis foci countWKY/Nmale16/sectioncontrol condition107495control condition
N/Arenal fibrosis foci countWKY/Nmale5.9/sectioncontrol condition107557control condition
11net sodium influx to blood lymphocyte dry weight ratio per unit timeWKY/Nboth5.12mmol/kg/hnaive control condition107640naive control condition
N/Akidney glomerular lesion countWKY/Nmale0.5/sectioncontrol condition107475control condition
N/Akidney glomerular lesion countWKY/Nmale0.8/sectioncontrol condition107537control condition