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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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Study IDStudyExperiment NameExperiment NotesStrain Ont IDStrainSexAge# of AnimalsSample NotesClinical Measurement Ont IDPhenotypeFormulaClinical Measurement NotesAverage TypeValueUnitsSEMSDMethod Ont IDMethodMethod SiteMethod DurationMethod NotesPost Insult TypePost Insult Time ValuePost Insult Time UnitConditionsRecord ID
1662NBRP Urine Volume and Urine Electrolyte dataurine sodium amountRS:0000399HTX/Kyomale63 days6CMO:0001855urine sodium excretion rate to body weight ratio0.006636uEq/min/g7.0E-40.0016MMO:0000177automated urine analysisAnalytical intruments, PVA alpha II0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 950550.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)