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Rat Strains

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Experimental Conditions

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord IDCondition 1Condition 2Condition 3
9body weightF344/NSlcmale387.4gfasting (between 16 and 18 hours)66178fasting (between 16 and 18 hours)
20body weightF344/NSlcmale409.9gfasting (between 16 and 18 hours)66179fasting (between 16 and 18 hours)
7body weightF344/NSlcmale470.3gspecific pathogen-free condition then fasting (for 16 hours)11607specific pathogen-free conditionfasting (for 16 hours)
22body weightF344/NSlcmale386.4gfasting (for 16 hours)11983fasting (for 16 hours)
7body weightF344/NSlcmale393.6gspecific pathogen-free condition (for 210 days) then fasting (for 1 days) then glucose solution, 2.8M (2 g/kg) 12785specific pathogen-free condition (for 210 days)fasting (for 1 days)glucose solution, 2.8M (2 g/kg)
6body weightF344/NSlcmale80.8gspecific pathogen-free condition70733specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightF344/NSlcmale126.1gspecific pathogen-free condition70732specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightF344/NSlcmale233.2gspecific pathogen-free condition70731specific pathogen-free condition
20body weightF344/NSlcmale380.2gnaive control condition97718naive control condition
8body weightF344/NSlcmale412.03gnaive control condition98031naive control condition