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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
6plasma albumin levelBN/SsNSlcmale0.35g/lfasting (for 16 hours)76603fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma triglyceride levelBN/SsNSlcmale0.3955mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76609fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood hemoglobin levelBN/SsNSlcmale17.2g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76590fasting (for 16 hours)
6lung wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale1.183gspecific pathogen-free condition71447specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0.161%specific pathogen-free condition71456specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular volumeBN/SsNSlcmale55.3flfasting (for 16 hours)76592fasting (for 16 hours)
6body temperatureBN/SsNSlcmale38.4degrees Cspecific pathogen-free condition74915specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weight as percentage of body weightBN/SsNSlcmale0.593%specific pathogen-free condition71452specific pathogen-free condition
6hematocritBN/SsNSlcmale52.4%fasting (for 16 hours)76591fasting (for 16 hours)
6brain weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0.859%specific pathogen-free condition71444specific pathogen-free condition
6liver weight as percentage of body weightBN/SsNSlcmale2.369%specific pathogen-free condition71450specific pathogen-free condition
6systolic blood pressureBN/SsNSlcmale137mmHgspecific pathogen-free condition74913specific pathogen-free condition
6lung weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0.51%specific pathogen-free condition71448specific pathogen-free condition
6liver wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale5.486gspecific pathogen-free condition71449specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma creatinine levelBN/SsNSlcmale0.3mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76612fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total cholesterol levelBN/SsNSlcmale53mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76606fasting (for 16 hours)
6both adrenal glands wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale58mgspecific pathogen-free condition71453specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma glucose levelBN/SsNSlcmale137mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76605fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart rateBN/SsNSlcmale378beats/minspecific pathogen-free condition74914specific pathogen-free condition
6brain wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale1.986gspecific pathogen-free condition71443specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationBN/SsNSlcmale32.8g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76594fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale0.786gspecific pathogen-free condition71445specific pathogen-free condition
6both kidneys wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale1.372gspecific pathogen-free condition71451specific pathogen-free condition
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin levelBN/SsNSlcmale18.1pgfasting (for 16 hours)76593fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol levelBN/SsNSlcmale30.9mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76607fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale2.802gspecific pathogen-free condition71457specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma low density lipoprotein cholesterol levelBN/SsNSlcmale10mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76608fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale1.212%specific pathogen-free condition71458specific pathogen-free condition
6spleen wet weightBN/SsNSlcmale0.373gspecific pathogen-free condition71455specific pathogen-free condition
6both adrenal glands weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale25.1mg/100gspecific pathogen-free condition71454specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightBN/SsNSlcmale246.1gspecific pathogen-free condition70660specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightBN/SsNSlcmale150.2gspecific pathogen-free condition70659specific pathogen-free condition
6body weightBN/SsNSlcmale101.7gspecific pathogen-free condition70661specific pathogen-free condition
6plasma urea nitrogen levelBN/SsNSlcmale8.8893mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76611fasting (for 16 hours)
5pigmented coat/hair area to total coat/hair area ratioBN/SsNSlcnot specified0.998naive control condition70576naive control condition
6plasma total protein levelBN/SsNSlcmale60mg/mlfasting (for 16 hours)76602fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood basophil count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76618fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma phosphate levelBN/SsNSlcmale7mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76613fasting (for 16 hours)
6activated partial thromboplastin timeBN/SsNSlcmale10.5sfasting (for 16 hours)76598fasting (for 16 hours)
6prothrombin timeBN/SsNSlcmale17.4sfasting (for 16 hours)76597fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood eosinophil count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale1%fasting (for 16 hours)76619fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale93%fasting (for 16 hours)76622fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood monocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76623fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma calcium levelBN/SsNSlcmale9.6mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76614fasting (for 16 hours)
5pigmented dorsal coat/hair area to total dorsal coat/hair area ratioBN/SsNSlcnot specified1naive control condition70574naive control condition
5pigmented ventral coat/hair area to total ventral coat/hair area ratioBN/SsNSlcnot specified0.997naive control condition70575naive control condition
6plasma alkaline phosphatase activity levelBN/SsNSlcmale172IU/lfasting (for 16 hours)76601fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine chloride levelBN/SsNSlcmale160mEq/L0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948100.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine potassium excretion rate to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale160uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948090.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine chloride excretion rate to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale296uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948110.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6red blood cell countBN/SsNSlcmale0.947x 10E6 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76589fasting (for 16 hours)
6white blood cell countBN/SsNSlcmale7.2x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76595fasting (for 16 hours)
6platelet countBN/SsNSlcmale1037x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)76596fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma bilirubin levelBN/SsNSlcmale0.01mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)76610fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma sodium levelBN/SsNSlcmale142.9mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76615fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma potassium levelBN/SsNSlcmale4.54mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76616fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma chloride levelBN/SsNSlcmale106mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)76617fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma aspartate aminotransferase activity levelBN/SsNSlcmale61U/lfasting (for 16 hours)76599fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alanine aminotransferase activity levelBN/SsNSlcmale29U/lfasting (for 16 hours)76600fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine potassium levelBN/SsNSlcmale87mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948080.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium levelBN/SsNSlcmale155mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948060.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volumeBN/SsNSlcmale18.4ml/d0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948040.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium excretion rate to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0.008092uEq/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948070.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volume to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0.0532ul/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 948050.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6blood segmented neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale7%fasting (for 16 hours)76621fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma albumin to plasma total protein ratioBN/SsNSlcmale1.37fasting (for 16 hours)76604fasting (for 16 hours)
6non-specified leukocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76624fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood band neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioBN/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)76620fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart weight to body weight ratioBN/SsNSlcmale3.4g/kgspecific pathogen-free condition71446specific pathogen-free condition