Phenominer Database Results (1 results)


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Strain Phenotype Conditions Study Experiment Name Sex Age # of Animals Value Units SEM SD Method Method Duration Post Insult Type Post Insult Time Value Post Insult Time Unit Method Notes Clinical Measurement Notes Record ID Study ID
BN/Crli liver tumorous lesion number to liver volume ratio N-nitrosodiethylamine (150 mg/kg) then 2-acetamidofluorene (0.02 %) (for 15 days) then partial hepatectomy De Miglio MR, et al., Cancer Res 2002 Aug 1;62(15):4459-63. liver integrity trait not specified 0 days 20 11142.0 /cm3 930.0 4159.09 ex vivo light microscopy with digital image analysis 0.0 N-nitrosodiethylamine injection 224 days 150mg/Kg body weight update term and unit 67721 789