Study ID,Study,Experiment Name,Experiment Notes,Strain Ont ID,Strain,Sex,Age,# of Animals,Sample Notes,Clinical Measurement Ont ID,Phenotype,Formula,Clinical Measurement Notes,Average Type,Value,Units,SEM,SD,Method Ont ID,Method,Method Site,Method Duration,Method Notes,Post Insult Type,Post Insult Time Value,Post Insult Time Unit,Conditions,Record ID,Condition 1,Condition 2 344,"Huang BS, et al., Hypertension. 2007 Apr 9;.",arterial blood pressure trait,,RS:0000817,SS/Jr,male,61 days to 53 days,0,,CMO:0002035,percent change in mean arterial blood pressure,,% change map,,17,%,1.0,,MMO:0000070,intra-aortic abdominal radiotelemetry,,0.0,blood pressure measured after infusion,,,,sodium ion solution (800 mmol/l) (for 4 days) then air-jet exposure (2 lb/in2) (for 0 hours),69733,sodium ion solution (800 mmol/l) (for 4 days),air-jet exposure (2 lb/in2) (for 0 hours)