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PhenoMiner Expected Ranges

Analysis Description: PhenoMiner's Expected Ranges result from a statistical meta-analysis of PhenoMiner data. For each rat strain where four or more experiments exist for a single clinical measurement, a meta-analysis is performed using either a random- or fixed-effect model, based on the level of heterogeneity."Zhao et al, in preparation"
Clinical Measurement
Ontology IdCMO:0000033




  0-79 days
  80-99 days
  100-998 days
  0-999 days




  Control Condition
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Normal Ranges:
blood eosinophil count - Measurement Data
Range NameStrain GroupStrainsMethodConditionsSexAgeRange MeanRange SDRange LowRange HighUnitsStudies within the Range
GH GH GH/OmrMcwi
automated blood cell counting method
naive control condition
Mixed 0 - 999 days 0.0838 0.006 0.0238 0.1438 [x 1000 cells/ul] Phenominer Link