Study ID,Study,Experiment Name,Experiment Notes,Strain Ont ID,Strain,Sex,Age,# of Animals,Sample Notes,Clinical Measurement Ont ID,Phenotype,Formula,Clinical Measurement Notes,Average Type,Value,Units,SEM,SD,Method Ont ID,Method,Method Site,Method Duration,Method Notes,Post Insult Type,Post Insult Time Value,Post Insult Time Unit,Conditions,Record ID,Condition 1a,Condition 1b 3078,"Ivanova LN, et al., Exp Physiol. 2013 Nov;98(11):1608-19. doi: 10.1113/expphysiol.2013.073163. Epub 2013 Aug 16.",urine molecular composition trait,,RS:0003766,WAG/Nov,not specified,0 days,4,,CMO:0000385,urine osmolality,,,,61,mmol/kg,14.0,28.0,MMO:0000719,freezing point osmometry,,0.0,freezing point osmometry (MMO:0000719),,,,controlled sucrose content drinking water (4 %) (for 2 days) and solid food deprivation (for 2 days),107198,controlled sucrose content drinking water (4 %) (for 2 days),solid food deprivation (for 2 days)