Study ID,Study,Experiment Name,Experiment Notes,Strain Ont ID,Strain,Sex,Age,# of Animals,Sample Notes,Clinical Measurement Ont ID,Phenotype,Formula,Clinical Measurement Notes,Average Type,Value,Units,SEM,SD,Method Ont ID,Method,Method Site,Method Duration,Method Notes,Post Insult Type,Post Insult Time Value,Post Insult Time Unit,Conditions,Record ID, 482,PhysGen Renal B data,urine potassium amount,"Moms were fed Teklad, pups used in studies were fed Dyets",RS:0000810,SS-Chr YBN/Mcwi,male,99 days to 80 days,17,,CMO:0000761,urine potassium excretion rate,,,,1.3966,mEq/d,0.0966,0.3982,MMO:0000039,flame atomic emission spectrometry,,,urine potassium analysis,,,,controlled sodium content diet (8 %) (between 19 and 22 days),52955,controlled sodium content diet (8 %) (between 19 and 22 days)