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alcohol +   
amino acid +   
carbohydrate +   
chemical nanoparticle +  
ester +  
Any condition in which the main influencing factor is a substance is a chemical compound derived from the linkage of an organic or inorganic acid and an alcohol, phenol, heteroarenol, or enol with the loss of water (H2O) formed from one hydrogen derived from an acidic hydroxy group of the acid and an -OH (hydroxy) group of the alcohol.
fatty acid +  
hydrocarbon +   
ion/salt +   
labeled chemical +  
nitrosourea +   
nucleic acid +   
nucleoside/nucleotide +  
oil +  
organic radical +  
peptide/protein +   
phenolic/phenol derivative +  
quinone +  
retinoid +  
steroid +   
sulfonamide +   
tetracyclines +  
thiazoles +  

Xrefs: CHEBI:35701
Definition Sources: "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia"

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