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controlled in situ organ condition (XCO:0000166)
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activity +   
body position +  
chemical +   
control condition +   
controlled atmosphere composition +   
controlled ex vivo organ condition +  
controlled in situ organ condition +   
Any experimental condition in which the internal or external environment of an organ, that is, a differentiated, structural part of a system of the body that performs a specific function, is experimentally manipulated, for example through perfusion, increased or decreased blood flow, etc. without removal from the body.
controlled visible light condition +   
diet +   
disease inducing agent +   
genetic manipulation +  
habituation to experimental apparatus 
housing condition +  
in utero condition +  
neuromodulation +  
radiation exposure +   
reproduction condition +   
sample resting period 
sensory stimulus +   
social environment condition +  
solution +   
surgical manipulation +   
temperature exposure +   

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