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activity +   
biologic +  
body position +  
chemical +   
control condition +   
A condition defined by a mostly uniform set of parameters accepted as normal or average and used by general consent as a basis of comparison. It is a baseline condition in which none of the experimental manipulations are performed.
controlled atmosphere composition +   
controlled ex vivo organ condition +  
controlled visible light condition +   
diet +   
disease inducing agent +   
genetic manipulation +  
habituation to experimental apparatus 
housing condition +  
in utero condition +  
neuromodulation +  
radiation exposure +   
reproduction condition +   
sample resting period 
sensory stimulus +   
social environment condition +  
solution +   
surgical manipulation +   
temperature exposure +   
therapeutic agent +  

Exact Synonyms: naive control condition ;   standard condition ;   standard control condition
Alternate IDs: XCO:0000056 ;   XCO:0000791
Definition Sources: Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed, ISBN:978-1416049982

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