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alcohol +   
amino acid +   
carbohydrate +   
chemical nanoparticle +  
ester +  
fatty acid +  
hydrocarbon +   
hydroxypolyether +  
ion/salt +   
labeled chemical +  
nitrosourea +   
nucleic acid +   
nucleoside/nucleotide +  
oil +  
organic radical +  
peptide/protein +   
phenolic/phenol derivative +  
quinone +  
retinoid +  
steroid +   
Any condition in which the main influencing factor is a naturally occurring compound or related synthetic analog with a molecular structure based on the cyclopenta[a]phenanthrene carbon skeleton, that is, a phenanthrene, to the a side of which a three-carbon fragment is fused. According to the definition at the Chemical Entities of Biological Importance (ChEBI) database, 'By extension, one or more bond scissions, ring expansions and/or ring contractions of the skeleton may have occurred' which expands the class to include molecules based on but not containing the cannonical arrangement of four fused cycloalkane rings.
sulfonamide +   
tetracyclines +  
thiazoles +  

Xrefs: CHEBI:35341
Definition Sources: "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia", "MediLexicon" "MediLexicon"

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