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muscle mineral amount (VT:0010652)
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blood mineral amount +   
calcium amount +   
cerebrospinal fluid mineral amount 
copper amount +   
iron amount +  
milk mineral amount +  
muscle androstenone amount 
muscle dry matter amount 
muscle fatty acid amount +  
muscle glycogen amount 
muscle indole amount 
muscle lactate amount 
muscle lipid amount +  
muscle mineral amount +  
The proportion, quantity, or volume of any inorganic element or compound that has importance in body functions in the tissue composed of contractile cells or fibers that effects movement.
muscle nitrogen amount 
muscle protein amount +  
muscle ribonucleic acid amount 
muscle skatole amount 
muscle triglyceride amount 
muscle water amount 
selenium amount 
skeletal muscle myosin isoform amount +  
skin mineral amount +  
urine mineral amount +   

Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, ISBN:0-8036-1207-9

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