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alveolar macrophage morphology trait 
granulocyte quantity +   
Kupffer cell morphology trait 
lymphocyte quantity +   
macrophage quantity 
The proportion or numbers of the large mononuclear phagocytes which differentiate from monocytes, are typically resident in a particular tissue, and are capable of phagocytosing a variety of extracellular particulate material, including immune complexes, microorganisms, and dead cells.
mast cell quantity 
metallophilic macrophage morphology trait 
microglial cell morphology trait 
monocyte quantity 
peritoneal macrophage morphology trait 
perivascular macrophage morphology trait 
spleen marginal zone macrophage morphology trait 

Exact Synonyms: macrophage cell number ;   macrophage count
Xrefs: MP:0003884
Definition Sources: CL:0000235, MP:0002446

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