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blood protein amount (VT:0005416)
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protein amount +     
blood acidity-alkalinity balance trait 
blood amino acid amount +  
blood ammonia amount 
blood bicarbonate amount 
blood bilirubin amount 
blood calcidiol amount 
blood carbohydrate or carbohydrate derivative amount +   
blood carnitine amount 
blood creatinine amount  
blood flavanone amount 
blood gas amount +  
blood hormone amount +   
blood integrity trait +  
blood lactate amount 
blood lipid amount +   
blood lipoprotein particle size +  
blood malondialdehyde amount 
blood mineral amount +   
blood oxidized LDL amount +  
blood protein amount +   
The proportion, quantity, or volume in whole blood, serum, or plasma of any of the macromolecules consisting of long chains of amino acids in peptide linkage.
blood pyruvate amount 
blood reactive oxygen metabolite amount +  
blood urea nitrogen amount  
blood uric acid amount  
blood vitamin amount +  
blood xenobiotic amount +  
tissue protein amount +  
troponin T amount 
urine protein amount +   

Related Synonyms: blood protein level ;   circulating protein level
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MP:0005416

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