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blood alanine transaminase amount 
blood alkaline phosphatase amount 
blood alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase amount 
blood amylase amount 
blood aspartate transaminase amount 
blood creatine kinase amount 
blood gamma-glutamyltransferase amount 
blood glutamate dehydrogenase amount 
blood glutathione peroxidase amount 
blood lactate dehydrogenase amount 
blood lipase amount 
blood renin amount  
The proportion, quantity, or volume in whole blood, serum, or plasma of this enzyme which is secreted by the kidney; it cleaves a bond in angiotensionogen to generate angiotensin I.
blood sorbital dehydrogenase amount 
blood superoxide dismutase amount 

Related Synonyms: blood renin level
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, NCBI:matt

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