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posterior sector of right lobe of liver (UBERON:8600015)
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anterior sector of right lobe of liver 
bare area of liver 
caudate lobe of liver +  
hepatic sinusoid of right of lobe of liver +  
immaterial anatomical entity +  
liver right lobe parenchyma +  
material anatomical entity +  
posterior sector of right lobe of liver 
The posterior sector of the right lobe of the liver.
preorbital bone region +  
pulmonary acinus +  
quadrate lobe of liver +  
right hepatic artery +  
right hepatic vein 

Exact Synonyms: lateral sector of right lobe of liver ;   right hepatic posterior sector
Related Synonyms: liver right lateral lobe
External Ontologys: dc-contributor ;   dc-contributor
Definition Sources: PMID:30992874

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