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blood microvessel (UBERON:8410081)
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appendage blood vessel +  
arterial blood vessel +  
auricular blood vessel +  
back blood vessel 
blood microvessel +  
Any of the smallest blood vessels where blood circulates within organ tissues. Microvessels include terminal arterioles, metarterioles, capillaries, and venules (but exclude lymphatic capillaries). Arterioles carry oxygenated blood to the capillaries, and blood flows out of the capillaries through venules into veins.
blood vessel elastic tissue +  
blood vessel endothelium +  
blood vessel smooth muscle +  
brain blood vessel +  
endometrial blood vessel +  
great vessel of heart +  
head blood vessel +  
intersomitic vessel +  
lumen of blood vessel +  
lymphatic capillary +  
neck blood vessel +  
penis blood vessel +  
placenta blood vessel +  
respiratory system blood vessel +  
tail blood vessel +  
thoracic cavity blood vessel +  
trunk blood vessel +  
umbilical blood vessel +  
vasa vasorum 
venous blood vessel +  
vitelline blood vessel +  
wall of blood vessel +  
 arteriole +  
 capillary +  
 venule +  

Broad Synonyms: microvasculature ;   microvessel
Definition Sources:, Wikipedia:Microcirculation

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