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submucous nerve plexus of colon (UBERON:8410059)
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colon +    
arteriole of colon 
caecum +  
capillary of colon 
colic flexure +  
colon smooth muscle circular layer 
colon smooth muscle longitudinal layer 
colonic epithelium +  
colonic mucosa +  
left colon 
lumen of colon 
lymphatic vessel of colon +  
muscle layer of colon +  
myenteric nerve plexus of colon 
proximal-distal subdivision of colon +  
right colon 
serosa of colon +  
submucosa of colon +  
submucous nerve plexus of anorectum 
submucous nerve plexus of appendix 
submucous nerve plexus of colon 
Submucous nerve plexus that is located in the colon.
submucous nerve plexus of small intestine 
venule of colon 

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