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fimbria of uterine tube (UBERON:8410010)
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fallopian tube +    
ampulla of uterine tube 
fimbria of uterine tube 
A fringe of tissue around the ostium of the fallopian tube, in the direction of the ovary.
isthmus of fallopian tube 
left uterine tube +  
mucosa of uterine tube +  
muscle layer of oviduct 
oviduct epithelium +  
oviduct smooth muscle 
right uterine tube +  
serosa of uterine tube 
submucosa of uterine tube 
upper part of vagina 
wall of uterine tube 

Exact Synonyms: fimbria of fallopian tube ;   fimbriae of fallopian tube ;   fimbriae of uterine tube
Xrefs: FMA:18308 ;
Definition Sources: WikipediaVersioned:Fallopian_tube&oldid=998395727

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