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insect embryonic/larval brain (UBERON:6001920)
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aggregate regional part of brain +  
arthropod optic lobe 
brain endothelium 
brain gray matter +  
brain marginal zone +  
brain meninx +  
brain ventricle/choroid plexus +  
brain white matter +  
calcified structure of brain +  
cephalopod optic lobe 
cerebral subcortex +  
composite part spanning multiple base regional parts of brain +  
fasciculus of brain +  
forebrain-midbrain boundary 
insect adult brain +  
insect cephalopharyngeal skeleton +  
insect embryonic brain +  
insect embryonic/larval brain +  
Brain of the embryo/larva.
insect embryonic/larval head sense organ +  
insect larval head segment +  
insect supraesophageal ganglion +  
midbrain-hindbrain boundary +  
mushroom body 
neural tube derived brain 
pars intercerebralis 
regional part of brain +  
subarachnoid space of brain +  
sulcus of brain +  
tract of brain +  
vasculature of brain +  
venous system of brain 
ventricular system of brain +  
ventricular zone 

Narrow Synonyms: larval brain ;   larval supraesophageal ganglion
Xrefs: FBbt:00001920
Definition Sources: FBC:SPR

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