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insect cephalopharyngeal skeleton (UBERON:6001845)
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insect cephalopharyngeal skeleton +  
A group of connected sclerites of the anterior embryonic/larval digestive system (atrium, pharynx and dorsal pouch). The cibarial dilator muscles connect to the cephalopharyngeal skeleton to lift the roof of the pharynx and thereby widen its lumen (Jurgens, 1986).
insect embryonic head segment +  
insect embryonic/larval brain +  
insect embryonic/larval head sense organ +  
insect epipharyngeal sclerite 
insect larval head segment +  
insect trichome +  
pharyngeal arch +  
primary vitreous 

Exact Synonyms: cephalo-pharyngeal skeleton ;   larval head skeleton ;   mouth parts
Xrefs: FBbt:00001845
Definition Sources: FlyBase:FBrf0007734, FlyBase:FBrf0045366

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