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2nd arch ectoderm 
3rd arch ectoderm 
4th arch ectoderm 
air capillary of parabronchus 
air sac +  
anatomical conduit +  
angle of oral opening 
animal cap +  
apical ectodermal ridge +  
arthropod sternum 
brain ventricle/choroid plexus +  
cell cluster +  
chorionic ectoderm 
common crus of semicircular duct 
cornea +  
ductal plate 
ear vesicle +  
ectoderm of buccopharyngeal membrane +  
ectoderm of footplate +  
ectoderm-derived structure +  
ectodermal placode +  
external ear margin 
external ectoderm +  
external soft tissue zone +  
extraembryonic ectoderm 
future central nervous system +  
future pituitary gland +  
glomus coccygeum 
hatching gland 
humeral diverticulum of clavicular air sac 
insect anterior ectoderm +  
The region of the ectoderm anterior to the cephalic furrow.
insect basiproboscis +  
insect dorsal ectoderm +  
insect dorsal ectoderm derivative +  
insect mouthpart +  
insect neurogenic region 
insect trunk ectoderm +  
kidney outer medulla inner stripe +  
kidney outer medulla outer stripe +  
lateral nasal process surface ectoderm 
mammary ridge +  
medial-nasal process ectoderm 
multi organ part structure +  
multi-tissue structure +  
multicellular organism +  
notochordal process +  
olivary body +  
optic eminence ectoderm +  
organ +  
organ part +  
organ system subdivision +  
organism subdivision +  
primary nerve cord +  
proctodeum +  
remnant of Rathke's pouch 
reproductive structure +  
secondary palatal shelf +  
semicircular canal ampulla +  
sensory dissociation area 
somatic motor system 
spleen perifollicular zone 
stomodeum +  
tissue +  

Xrefs: FBbt:00000119
Definition Sources: FBC:DOS

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