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cartilago sesamoides (UBERON:4200049)
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ligament +    
sesamoid bone +    
anular ligament of radius 
arcuate ligament +  
broad ligament of uterus +  
cartilago sesamoides 
A sesamoid found in the found in the ligamentum calcanei of a wide variety of frogs. (based on Nussbaum, R. A. 1982.
cruciate ligament of atlas 
equine distal sesamoid 
flexor sesamoid 
inguinal ligament +  
ligament of middle ear +  
ligamentum flavum 
mandibulo-lacrimal ligament 
medial palpebral ligament 
nonskeletal ligament +  
ossified ligament 
ossified tendon +  
palato-maxillary ligament 
palato-vomerine ligament 
pelvic ligament 
scleral sesamoid bone 
sesamoid bone of gastrocnemius 
sesamoid bone of manus +  
sesamoid bone of pes +  
sesamoid bone of the peroneus longus muscle 
skeletal ligament +  
subarticular sesamoid 
triangular ligament of liver 
ulnar sesamoid bone 
urogenital diaphragm 
uterine ligament 

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