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skeletal element projection (UBERON:4100000)
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anterior dentation of dorsal fin spine 2 
arachnoid villus 
arch of centrum of vertebra +  
articular surface +  
attachment site +  
bone element +  
capsular process 
cartilage element +  
cartilaginous projection +  
cranial appendage +  
crista intermedia 
crista subnasalis 
crista supraorbitalis 
dermal skeletal element +  
endochondral element +  
facet +  
fin ray +  
horn of hemipenis 
horn of thyroid cartilage +  
hyale +  
integumentary projection +  
intermediate spine 
mandibular arch neural crest 
median prenasal process 
mesial pelvic ridge 
ossicle +  
palatine uvula +  
pars interarticularis of vertebra 
pharyngeal bar 
posterior maxillary process +  
posterior maxillary process dorsal process 
posterior mental process 
posterolateral process 
posteromedial process 
prepectoral spine 
prepelvic fin spine 
processus lingularis of nasal skeleton 
procoracoid element +  
ramus anterior of CN VIII 
ramus hyomandibularis 
ramus nasalis medialis 
ramus posterior of CN VIII 
ramus posterior profundus of V3 
ramus recurrens +  
replacement element +  
rumen papilla 
scapulocoracoid +  
skeletal element of eye region +  
skeletal element projection +  
Anatomical projection that is composed of bone or cartilage tissue.
skeletal tissue +  
suborbital shelf 
tooth-like structure +  
triangular process 
tubercle +  
uncinate process of pancreas 
vertebral centrum element +  
vertebral element +  
Weberian ossicle +  
zonal element +  
zygomatic process of maxilla 
 brevis shelf +  
 fin hook +  
 stylar shelf +  

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