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body gland +  
body granules 
body spicule 
body tubercle 
body wart 
cloacal fold 
costal folds 
costal grooves 
costal protuberances 
dermal annular fold 
distal limb integumentary appendage +  
dorsal crest 
dorsal folds +  
dorsal pouch 
dorsal skin texture 
dorsolateral fold 
feather barb +  
feather barbicel 
feather barbule +  
flexor tubercle of ungual 
pectoral fold 
ramus of feather barb 
ramus of feather barbule 
skin bony tubercle +  
ventral skin texture 
Small hair or nipple like projection on the integument.

External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:40674
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