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parachordal vessel (UBERON:2005034)
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carotid duct 
caudal artery 
caudal vein 
caudal vein plexus 
common cardinal vein +  
common dorsal aorta +  
dorsal aorta +  
dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel 
gastric vein +  
lateral dorsal aorta canal 
left dorsal aorta +  
left posterior cardinal vein 
lung vasculature +  
parachordal vessel 
Vessels run longitudinally along the horizontal myoseptum. These vessels are not functional until after lumenization which occurs near 4 dpf. Isogai et al. 2003.
posterior cardinal vein +  
posterior caudal vein 
pudendal venous plexus 
renal portal vein 
right dorsal aorta +  
right posterior cardinal vein 
supraintestinal vein 
thoracic duct +  
vasculature of liver +  
vasculature of spleen 
vesical venous plexus 
vitelline artery 

Exact Synonyms: PAV
Xrefs: ZFA:0005034
Definition Sources: ZFIN:curator

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