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abdomen +    
abdomen +  
abdomen blood vessel +  
abdomen connective tissue +  
abdomen element +  
abdomen musculature +  
abdomen nerve 
abdominal segment of trunk +  
abdominal wall +  
accessory lymph sac 
ascitic fluid 
celiac nerve plexus 
chest +  
dorsal trunk +  
extraperitoneal space +  
hypogastrium +  
lateral lumbar region of abdomen +  
lower back +  
medial umbilical ligament 
pericardial region 
perineum +  
precordial region 
pudendal venous plexus 
remnant of urachus 
skin of abdomen +  
thoracic segment of trunk +  
ventral trunk 
The part of the human abdomen below the ribs and above the hips, often narrower than the areas above and below.