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wall of appendix (UBERON:0036337)
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appendix lymphoid tissue 
appendix smooth muscle circular layer 
appendix smooth muscle longitudinal layer 
arteriole of appendix 
artery of appendix 
large intestine smooth muscle +  
lymphatic vessel of appendix +  
mucosa of appendix +  
mucosa of large intestine +  
muscle layer of large intestine +  
muscularis mucosae of appendix 
myenteric nerve plexus of appendix 
serosa of appendix +  
serosa of large intestine +  
submucosa of appendix 
submucosa of large intestine +  
submucous nerve plexus of appendix 
vein of appendix 
venule of appendix +  
wall of anal canal 
wall of appendix 

Exact Synonyms: appendix wall ;   wall of vermiform appendix
Xrefs: FMA:14621

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