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tonsillar pillar (UBERON:0036274)
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muscle tissue +    
tonsil +    
chondroglossus muscle 
cutaneous muscle +  
endomysium +  
facial modiolus 
interventricular septum muscular part +  
lingual tonsil 
muscle tissue of prostate +  
muscle tissue of terminal part of digestive tract 
palatine tonsil 
pharyngeal tonsil 
primary lymphoid nodule of tonsil 
smooth muscle tissue +  
striated muscle tissue +  
tonsil capsule 
tonsil crypt 
tonsil epithelium +  
tonsil germinal center 
tonsillar fossa 
tonsillar pillar 
The anterior and posterior borders of the tonsillar fossa. They are composed of muscle tissue.
tubal tonsil 

Xrefs: NCIT:C12236
Definition Sources: NCIT:C12236

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