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pinna +    
surface groove +    
auricular cartilage +  
auricular muscle +  
choanal groove 
ciliated pit +  
conchal part of pinna +  
helix of outer ear 
intertragic incisure 
A surface structure that is the narrowed downward continuation of the conchal space bounded anteriorly by the borders of the tragus, posteriorly by theantitragus, and along its lower lateral margins and inferior boundary by the connection between the first two.
interventricular groove +  
laryngotracheal groove 
ligament of pinna 
lobule of pinna 
mesenchyme of pinna 
metotic fissure 
nasolabial groove 
nuchal groove 
optic fissure 
optic pit 
pharyngeal cleft +  
pinna hair 
pinna surface epithelium 
skin of external ear +  
sulcus intermedius 
sulcus limitans of neural tube +  
sulcus ypsiloniformis 
ventral sulcus 
ventral throat pleat 

Exact Synonyms: incisura intertragica ;   intertragal incisure ;   intertragic notch
Broad Synonyms: incisura
Related Synonyms: anterior auricular groove ;   auricular notch ;   incisura anterior auris ;   sulcus auriculae anterior
Xrefs: FMA:61175 ;   SCTID:362542005 ;   Wikipedia:Incisura_anterior_auris
Definition Sources:, PMID:20082456, UBERON:cjm, Wikipedia:Incisura_anterior_auris

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