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capillary bed +  
esophagus squamous epithelium 
Sertoli cell barrier 
The blood-testis barrier (abbreviated as BTB) is a physical barrier between the blood vessels and the seminiferous tubules of the animal testes. The barrier is formed by tight connections between the Sertoli cells, which are sustentacular cells (supporting cells) of the seminiferous tubules, and nourish the spermatogonia. The barrier prevents passage of cytotoxic agents (bodies or substances that are toxic to cells) into the seminiferous tubules.
short descending thin limb +  
simple squamous epithelium +  
stratified squamous epithelium +  
tongue squamous epithelium +  

Related Synonyms: blood testis barrier ;   blood-testes barrier
Xrefs: MESH:D001814 ;   Wikipedia:Blood-testis_barrier
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Blood-testis_barrier

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