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wall of blood vessel (UBERON:0035965)
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anatomical wall +    
blood vessel +    
abdominal wall +  
alveolar wall +  
appendage blood vessel +  
arterial blood vessel +  
auricular blood vessel +  
back blood vessel 
blood vessel elastic tissue +  
blood vessel endothelium +  
blood vessel layer +  
blood vessel smooth muscle +  
brain blood vessel +  
capillary +  
chest wall 
conjunctiva +  
endometrial blood vessel +  
great vessel of heart +  
gut wall +  
head blood vessel +  
intersomitic vessel +  
lumen of blood vessel +  
membrana tympaniformis +  
neck blood vessel +  
organ component layer +  
penis blood vessel +  
placenta blood vessel +  
respiratory system blood vessel +  
septum of scrotum 
serous membrane +  
tail blood vessel +  
thoracic cavity blood vessel +  
thoracic wall 
trunk blood vessel +  
umbilical blood vessel +  
uterine wall +  
vasa vasorum 
venous blood vessel +  
vitelline blood vessel +  
wall of anal canal 
wall of appendix 
wall of blood vessel +  
wall of central canal of spinal cord 
wall of eyeball 
wall of gallbladder 
wall of heart +  
wall of lacrimal duct 
wall of membranous labyrinth 
wall of orbit 
wall of pharyngotympanic tube 
wall of synovial tendon sheath 
wall of ureter +  
wall of urethra +  
wall of urinary bladder +  
wall of uterine tube 
wall of vagina 
wall of ventricular system of brain +  
 aorta wall +  

Exact Synonyms: blood vessel wall
Related Synonyms: vascular wall
Xrefs: BTO:0004378 ;   EMAPA:37987 ;   FMA:67473

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