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epithelial lining fluid (UBERON:0035963)
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bodily fluid +    
alveolar atrium 
alveolar pore 
alveolar smooth muscle 
alveolar wall +  
aqueous humor of eyeball 
bulbourethral gland secretion 
coelomic fluid +  
epithelial lining fluid 
Epithelial lining fluid forms a thin fluid layer that covers the mucosa of the alveoli, the small airways, and the large airways.
haemolymphatic fluid +  
left lung alveolus 
lung saccule 
mucus +  
notochordal fluid 
pulmonary alveolar parenchyma 
right lung alveolus 
secretion of serous gland +  
sweat +  
tear film 
transudate +  
vaginal fluid 

Related Synonyms: ELF
Xrefs: BTO:0005566 ;   FMA:276456
Definition Sources: BTO:0005566, PMID:21948403

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