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mouth +    
skull +    
abdominal cavity +  
abdominopelvic cavity +  
ampulla caudalis 
anal sinus 
anatomical cavity +  
anatomical conduit space +  
anatomical point connecting sagittal and lambdoidal sutures 
anterior superior frontal sulcus 
antorbital fenestra 
antorbital notch 
aphakic space 
Aristotle's lantern +  
asterion of skull 
baleen plate +  
banks of superior temporal sulcus 
bile canaliculus 
bladder lumen 
Bowman's space 
bronchial lumen +  
buccal papilla 
buccal vestibule 
calcarine sulcus (dorsal) 
calcarine sulcus (ventral) 
cavity of pharynx +  
cavum septum pellucidum 
cavum sinus imparis 
cheek pouch +  
cloacal lumen +  
conjunctival space 
cranial cavity 
cranial synchondrosis +  
cranium +  
deep post-anal space 
dental plaque +  
diastema +  
ectoplacental cavity 
enclosed anatomical space +  
epididymal lumen 
epiploic foramen 
extraembryonic cavity +  
extraperitoneal space +  
follicular antrum 
foramen of Panizza 
foramen of skull +  
foramen ovale of heart +  
foramina of scarpa 
future coelemic cavity lumen +  
future tongue +  
gill opening 
gingival groove 
gland lumen 
greater sac cavity +  
hindlimb interepipodial space 
hyoglossal sinus 
incisura coracoidea 
infraorbital bridge 
infratemporal fossa 
inner ear canal 
insect labrum 
intercostal space 
interdigital space 
intersphincteric space 
ischiorectal space 
jaw region +  
joint space of elbow 
jugal point 
labial cavities 
labial commissure 
labial region 
lamprey sucker 
laryngo-tracheal chamber 
lateral line canal lumen +  
lateral recess 
lateral recess of fourth ventricle 
lateral recess of third ventricle 
lens vesicle cavity 
lingual region 
lip +  
liver perisinusoidal space 
lower jaw opening +  
lumen of anal canal 
lumen of blood vessel +  
lumen of central canal of spinal cord 
lumen of colon 
lumen of digestive tract 
lumen of duodenum 
lumen of esophagus 
lumen of hemipenial sheath 
lumen of hindgut 
lumen of intestine 
lumen of jejunum 
lumen of laryngopharynx 
lumen of lymphatic vessel 
lumen of midgut 
lumen of nasopharynx 
lumen of nutrient foramen 
lumen of open tracheal system trachea 
lumen of oropharynx 
lumen of terminal part of digestive tract +  
lumen of trachea 
lumen of urethra 
mantle cavity 
maxillary recess 
mouth floor 
mouth mucosa +  
network of trabecular spaces in bone tissue 
neural tube lumen +  
open anatomical space +  
opercular cavity 
oral cavity 
oral gland +  
oral opening +  
orifice of skull +  
ovarian fossa 
paranasal sinus +  
pectoral girdle opening +  
perianal space 
peripharyngeal space +  
perivascular space 
pharyngeal opening of pharyngotympanic tube 
pleuroperitoneal canal lumen 
pleuroperitoneal cavity 
pore +  
posterior recess 
posterior superior frontal sulcus 
posterolingual region 
preoccipital notch 
preputial space +  
primary subdivision of skull +  
pronephric duct opening 
prootic depression 
pterygomandibular raphe 
pterygomaxillary fissure 
pupil +  
recessus lateralis 
recessus marsupiatus of premaxilla 
recessus vaginiformis 
recessus vena jugularis 
rectal lumen 
replacement tooth trench +  
retromolar space 
retroperitoneal space +  
rhinal incisure 
rima vulvae 
scale radius 
sinus dorsalis 
sinus interglenoidalis 
space between upper and lower jaws 
The space between the upper jaw skeleton and lower jaw skeleton (including teeth) that is formed when when biting.
space in vertebral column +  
space of Mall 
space surrounding organism 
spatium intertarsale 
spheno-maxillary fossa 
spheno-petrosal fissure 
spiracular notch 
stomach fundus lumen 
stomach lumen 
stomodeal lumen 
subarachnoid fissure +  
subarachnoid space +  
subcapsular sinus of lymph node 
subdural space 
sulcus +  
sulcus dentalis of maxilla 
sulcus dentalis of premaxilla 
sulcus for Meckels cartilage 
sulcus pro cartilagine praecoracoidealis 
supra levator space 
suprainiac fossa 
sylvian point 
temporal fossa 
temporomandibular joint +  
thoracic cavity +  
thyroid follicular lumen 
tongue +  
tongue muscle +  
tonsillar fossa 
trabecular sinus of lymph node 
tube lumen +  
tunnel of Corti 
upper jaw opening +  
urachal lumen 
urogenital sinus lumen +  
ventricular system choroidal fissure 
vermilion +  

Related Synonyms: bite
Definition Sources: UBERON:cjm

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