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back connective tissue 
dense connective tissue +  
dermis connective tissue +  
elastic tissue +  
enthesis +  
The connective tissue between tendon and bone insertion sites, which acts to transmit tensile load from soft tissues to bone. They may be of the dense fibrous connective tissue or fibrocartilage type; fibrous entheses attach directly to bone or periosteum primarily via fibrous tissue, and fibrocartilaginous entheses attach to bone through a transitional layer of fibrocartilage from the fibrous tendon tissue the sites where tendons or ligaments insert into the bone. Recurring stress or inflammatory autoimmune disease can cause inflammation or occasionally fibrosis and calcification of the enthesis.
fascia +  
granulation tissue 
head connective tissue +  
hip connective tissue 
inner chondrogenic layer of perichondrium 
interlobar duct 
interlobular duct +  
irregular connective tissue +  
limb connective tissue +  
mammary gland connective tissue +  
musculature of body +  
mylohyoid raphe 
neck connective tissue +  
nucleus pulposus 
orbital septum 
outer fibrous layer of perichondrium 
perichondrium +  
perichordal ring 
perichordal tissue +  
regular connective tissue +  
respiratory system connective tissue +  
Sharpey's fiber 
shoulder connective tissue +  
skeletal muscle connective tissue 
skeletal system +  
skeletal tissue +  
specialized connective tissue 
tail connective tissue +  
tendon +  
thoracic cavity connective tissue +  
trunk connective tissue +  
vacuolated notochordal tissue 
vasculature of musculoskeletal system +  

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