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vasculature +    
appendage vasculature +  
axial vasculature +  
blood vasculature +  
brachiocephalic vasculature +  
capillary bed +  
connecting stalk vasculature +  
deep vasculature +  
The part of the circulatory system that lies deep beneath the subcutaneous tissue layers away from the surface of the skin.
lymph vasculature +  
microcirculatory vessel +  
portal system +  
pulmonary venous system 
rete mirabile 
systemic venous system +  
tail vasculature +  
vascular plexus +  
vasculature of central nervous system plus retina +  
vasculature of head +  
vasculature of integument +  
vasculature of musculoskeletal system 
vasculature of organ +  
vasculature of trunk +  
vitelline vasculature +  

Exact Synonyms: deep part of circulatory system
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