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surface of prostate (UBERON:0035480)
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anterior surface of kidney 
bicipital surface 
dorsal surface of penis 
fossa ovalis of heart 
inferolateral surface of prostate 
pit +  
posterior surface of head +  
posterior surface of kidney 
surface of cartilage +  
surface of epithelium 
surface of eyeball 
surface of mandible +  
surface of prostate +  
The external portion of the prostate including the anterior, inferolateral, lateral and posterior surfaces.
surface of tongue +  
ventral surface of penis 

Exact Synonyms: prostatic surface ;   surface of prostate gland
Xrefs: FMA:19590 ;   NCIT:C13091 ;   SCTID:279694003 ;   UMLS:C0426735
Definition Sources: ncithesaurus:Surface_of_the_Prostate

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