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apex of prostate (UBERON:0035441)
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prostate gland +    
anatomical point connecting sagittal and lambdoidal sutures 
apex of cervical spinal cord dorsal horn 
apex of heart 
apex of lumbar spinal cord dorsal horn 
apex of prostate 
The lowest part of the prostate gland adjacent to the superior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm.
apex of thoracic spinal cord dorsal horn 
asterion of skull 
base of prostate 
central zone of prostate 
coagulating gland 
connective tissue of prostate gland +  
distal-most point of medial condyle of femur 
distal-most point of trochlea of humerus 
inferolateral surface of prostate 
jugal point 
lobe of prostate +  
muscle tissue of prostate +  
nose tip 
peripheral zone of prostate 
prostate duct 
prostate epithelium +  
prostate gland stroma 
prostatic capsule 
prostatic venous plexus 
proximal-most point of greater trochanter of femur 
proximal-most point of head of femur 
proximal-most point of head of humerus 
proximal-most point of ventral tubercle of humerus 
supraauricular point 
sylvian point 
transition zone of prostate 

Exact Synonyms: apex of prostate gland ;   prostatic apex
Xrefs: FMA:19594 ;   NCIT:C13087 ;   SCTID:279703006 ;   UMLS:C0227959
Definition Sources: ncithesaurus:Apex_of_the_Prostate

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