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mucocartilage tissue (UBERON:0034938)
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ammocoete +    
cartilage tissue of sternum +  
cellular cartilage 
fibrocartilage +  
growth plate cartilage 
hyaline cartilage tissue +  
hypertrophic cartilage zone 
mineralized cartilage tissue +  
mucocartilage tissue 
A temporary avascular cartilage found in the heads of ammocoete larvae and surrounded by perichondrium. Contains a few fibroblasts scattered throughout ECM containing elastic-like microfibrils.
nasal cartilage +  
nephric fold 
non-mineralized cartilage tissue +  
paired limb/fin cartilage +  
prismatic cartilage 
secondary cartilage tissue 
zone of epiphyseal plate +  

Exact Synonyms: mucocartilage ;   mucocartilaginous tissue
Definition Sources: ISBN:0124166857

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