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inflow tract of right ventricle (UBERON:0034703)
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apical region of right ventricle 
cardiac muscle of right ventricle +  
chorda tendinea of right ventricle 
conus arteriosus +  
endocardium of right ventricle 
inflow tract of left ventricle 
inflow tract of right ventricle 
outflow part of right ventricle 
papillary muscle of right ventricle 
right ventricle myocardium +  
trabecula carnea of right ventricle +  
wall of right ventricle +  

Exact Synonyms: inflow part of right ventricle ;   main part of right ventricle ;   right ventricle proper
Related Synonyms: vestibule of tricuspid valve
Xrefs: FMA:9552 ;   SCTID:278950004

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