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bicipital surface (UBERON:0018305)
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humerus +    
accessory foramen 
anterior humeral ridge 
anterior surface of kidney 
bicipital crest 
bicipital surface 
Region of the humerus associated with the biceps attachment areas.
columnar area 
cortex of humerus 
crista dorsalis humeri 
crista lateralis humeri 
crista medialis humeri 
deltoid process 
distal groove of humerus 
dorsal ridge 
dorsal surface of penis 
entepicondyle fossa 
epicondyle of humerus +  
epiphysis of humerus +  
fossa cubitalis ventralis 
fossa ovalis of heart 
humeral diverticulum of clavicular air sac 
humerus diaphysis +  
inferolateral surface of prostate 
latissimus dorsi process 
metaphysis of humerus 
pectoral process of humerus 
pit +  
posterior surface of head +  
posterior surface of kidney 
prepectoral space 
process 2 
process 3 of entepicondyle 
process 4 of entepicondyle 
radial facet 
supinator process 
supracondyle tubercle +  
surface of cartilage +  
surface of epithelium 
surface of eyeball 
surface of mandible +  
surface of prostate +  
surface of tongue +  
trochlear groove of humerus 
ulnar condyle 
ulnar facet of the humerus 
ventral humeral ridge 
ventral surface of penis 

Xrefs: UBERONTEMP:1aa93660-3c3d-4aff-94fa-93ea38c82df8
Definition Sources: PHENOSCAPE:Nizar

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