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areola +  
axilla +  
breast +  
buttock +  
cheek +  
dorsal side of post-anal tail 
external nose +  
hypothenar eminence 
inter limb-segment region +  
labial commissure 
lobule of pinna 
marsupium +  
nose anterior margin 
nose vertex 
palmar skin crease 
prepuce +  
raphe of penis 
raphe of perineum +  
raphe of scrotum 
scrotum +  
skin of palm of manus +  
thenar eminence 
A raised fleshy area on the palm of the hand near the base of the thumb.
throat +  
tip of external ear 
tip of snout 
ventral side of post-anal tail +  

Exact Synonyms: thenar part of palm
Xrefs: FMA:61520 ;   SCTID:362748007 ;   Wikipedia:Thenar_eminence
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