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rectum +    
valve +    
cardiac valve +  
epithelium of rectum 
ileocecal valve 
lymphatic valve +  
mucosa of rectum +  
muscle layer of rectum 
rectal lumen 
rectal salt gland 
rectal valve 
A thin diaphragm located in the posterior fifth of the intestine of some Centrolophidae, e.g. Seriolella punctata, Schedophilus huttoni and Psenes pellucidus, or in others a sphincter-like constriction, e.g. Seriolella brama. A deep purple fluid was confined to the valve in S. punctata, but was found throughout the intestine in the other two species referred to. The fluid might be used to void a coloured cloud to distract or deter a predator.
rectum smooth muscle tissue +  
right atrium valve +  
serosa of rectum +  
spiral valve of conus arteriosus 
spiral valve of cystic duct 
spiral valve of intestine 
submucosa of rectum 
transverse fold of rectum 
transverse folds of rectum 
ureteral valve 
ureterovesical junction +  
utricle valve 
venous valve +