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orifice +    
amniotic ectoderm 
amniotic fold +  
amniotic mesoderm 
cervical os +  
chorion frondosum 
chorion syncytiotrophoblast 
chorionic ectoderm 
chorionic mesenchyme 
chorionic villus +  
cloacal vent 
connecting stalk +  
decidua +  
decidua basalis 
decidua capsularis 
decidua parietalis 
egg capsule 
esophageal hiatus 
extraembryonic ectoderm 
extraembryonic epithelium +  
extraembryonic portion of umbilical artery +  
fasciculated network of fibrils 
femoral pore 
fourth ventricle aperture +  
gastropod genital pore 
gustatory pore 
lacrimal punctum 
mural trophectoderm 
naris +  
neuropore +  
oral opening +  
orifice of skull +  
palpebral fissure 
parietal endoderm +  
placental caruncle 
placental cotyledon 
polar trophectoderm 
umbilical cord +  
umbilical ring 
A dense fibrous ring surrounding the umbilicus at birth. At about the sixth week of embryological development, the midgut herniates through the umbilical ring; four weeks later it returns to the abdominal cavity and rotates around the superior mesenteric artery.
urethral opening +  
vagina orifice 
yolk sac blood island 
yolk sac endoderm 

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Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Umbilical_ring

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